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FutureNet Foundation – Bruno

Meet Bruno, the protégé of the Mam Serce Foundation. The FutureNet Foundation has helped again – this time we helped Bruno! Stay with us, watch this moving movie. Thank you for your support.

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Mike Ricker: Music, Cannabis And FutureNet

We truly are working with the best talent in the music and #cannabis industries! It’s so fun to watch how these all come together with #FutureNet! Thanks for coming by the show Mike Ricker!

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Yobit Exchange Adds FuturoCoin, BitBay Is Working On It Now

FuturoCoin (FTO) already listed on Yobit exchange platform! (register here: http://yobit.futurocoins.com) and BitBay is on its way… see it coming up? Won’t be long, now!!⏳ YoBit has a referral program so when you join, be sure to share YOUR YoBit referral

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Maybe Ryan Will Have 2nd FuturoCoin Launch Party On Jan 31

This party for the FuturoCoin launch took place on the 7th of January, but there was a holdup on the launching so maybe they will do a whole other party on Jan 31, the final official day of the FuturoCoin

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