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Read About Great Success Of FuturoCoin In NewsBTC Article

NewsBTC wrote about us!¬†ūüďʬ†They have published an article from which you can learn more about FuturoCoin and the new cryptocurrency market on which it was added, CryptoStock by DARB:¬†https://www.newsbtc.com/‚Ķ/10/13/great-success-of-futurocoin/ We invite you to read!¬†ūüďĖ

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Today Is World Press Freedom Day

Today is very important day for all media – World Press Freedom Day. We are hope that soon all media around the world will be free. Read what you want, write what you feel¬†‚úĆ #PressFreedomDay¬†|¬†#FutureNet¬†|¬†#UnlimitedLife

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Maybe Ryan Will Have 2nd FuturoCoin Launch Party On Jan 31

This party for the FuturoCoin launch took place on the 7th of January, but there was a holdup on the launching so maybe they will do a whole other party on Jan 31, the final official day of the FuturoCoin

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