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FutureNet Foundation Michał

Hallo! We have great news for You! Our Foundation donated to Michał, protégé of Fundacja Mam serce, special electro-stimulator to make his life better. We are happy that this boy has a chance to have a peaceful childhood! Watch now!

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FutureNet Foundation Innovative airplain project

Meet Damian and Michał from Jetstream – students of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, who will tell you more about their project – and innovative prototype of drone ✈. Listen how this invention, created by this young scientists from

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Meet Wiktoria, the protégé of the “Mam serce” foundation

Meet Wiktoria, the protégé of the “Mam serce” foundation Thanks to cooperation, and your help, we were able to finance expensive and also complicated operation that will give Wiktoria a chance for a normal life. Don’t think about it, just

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