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Amelka Gets Portable Oxygen Concentrator So She Can Now Move Around More

5-year-old Amelka, a pupil of the FutureNet Foundation, suffers from neuroendocrine pulmonary hyperplasia syndrome. Amelka must use an oxygen concentrator because the disease causes frequent shortness of breath. Previously, she had a concentrator that she could only use at home.

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Polish Junior And Senior Low Kick Championship

️ It’s time to FIGHT! During the weekend, Maksymilian Bratkowicz will aim to win the Polish champion title in the Low Kick Junior and Senior contest. Ladies and gentlemen – keep your fingers crossed for our powerful warrior! #PoweredByFutureNet #FutureNet

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100% Data Safe Platform Welcomes You To Promote Your Cryptocurrency

The BIG online companies want to BAN you from the advertising of cryptocurrencies – yet they make ALMOST ALL of their profits by collecting and selling YOUR personal data. (BTW, your data is 100% SAFE at FutureNet!!!!) To all online

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