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“I Always Fight To The End And It Paid Off”, Says Maks Bratkowicz

Great news from the ring!!! Maks Bratkowicz won his fight at the DSF Kickboxing Challenge 22 last Friday! The fight with Mikita Shostak was difficult, but Maks handled the pressure. Congratulations!!! Maks Bratkowicz won his fight at the DSF Challenge

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Republican Presidential Candidate Join FutureNet To End Internet Censorship

HUGE NEWS IN INTERNET HISTORY! #RonPaul, #Republican Presidential Candidate and the head of the #Libertarian movement joins #FutureNet with Joby Weeks & J. Ryan Conley to end internet #censorship and #shadowbanning Connect with Ron Paul at www.futurenet.club/u/ronpaul #UnlimitedGood #UnlimitedLife #StopTheBias

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Grand Opening Of FutureNet Cafe At End Of May

The Idea of FUTURENET CAFE was born long time ago. NOW dreams comes true. FutureNet is always delivering!!! Grand Opening end of May 2018.

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