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“I Always Fight To The End And It Paid Off”, Says Maks Bratkowicz

Great news from the ring!!! Maks Bratkowicz won his fight at the DSF Kickboxing Challenge 22 last Friday! The fight with Mikita Shostak was difficult, but Maks handled the pressure. Congratulations!!! Maks Bratkowicz won his fight at the DSF Challenge

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Back In The Ring In DSF Kickboxing Challenge 22

Wow! What a news! Maks Bratkowicz, martial arts warrior supported by FuturoCoin, will stand TONIGHT on the ring in DSF Kickboxing Challenge 22! He will fight Mikita Shostak from the Bulat Minsk club in Belarus, so “Mad Max” will face

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Maks Won Polish Low Kick Championship Weight Category Up To 81 KG

Ladies and gentlemen… Introducing the new Polish🇵🇱 junior and senior low kick Champion️🏆, the one and only Maaaaaks Braaaatkoooowiiiicz!👊 The success of Maksymilian Bratkowicz, a martial arts champion supported by FutureNet! He won the Polish Junior and Senior Low Kick

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Polish Junior And Senior Low Kick Championship

️ It’s time to FIGHT! During the weekend, Maksymilian Bratkowicz will aim to win the Polish champion title in the Low Kick Junior and Senior contest. Ladies and gentlemen – keep your fingers crossed for our powerful warrior! #PoweredByFutureNet #FutureNet

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Maksymilian Bratkowicz Among Best Kick Boxing Fighters In Country

Our warrior Maksymilian Bratkowicz prepares for the 2019 kickboxing season during the training camp of Polish national kickboxing team. Maks is among the best kick boxing fighters in the country and we 💥💥💥 it! #PoweredByFutureNet#FutureNet #FNSport

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Maksymilian Bratkowicz Lost To Vladyslav Fostenko, Journey Ends This Year

Unfortunately, Maksymilian Bratkowicz’s journey to become European Champion ends on the quarterfinal stage. 🙁 He lost to his Ukrainian opponent (Vladyslav Fostenko) by just a small, single point! 😧 However, Maks has already shown that he is a true warrior and has a powerful

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