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FF (FutureNet Foundation) Cooperation With Genesis Foundation

Great news! šŸ“¢Ā FutureNet Foundation (FF) started cooperation with another Foundation> Genesis Foundation is based in India. They work with underprivileged children suffering from Congenital Heart Defects. Together we want to save as many little hearts as possible! <3

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Dolnośląska Fundacja Rozwoju Ochrony Zdrowia Dolfroz Cooperates With Us

Dolnośląska Fundacja Rozwoju Ochrony Zdrowia Dolfroz is another foundation, which cooperates with us. Meet the children, we are helping to – Lena, Alicja, Natalka, and Milosz. Together we can do more <3 You can help too. Donate any amount ->

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Fundacja Mam Serce, FutureNet Foundation Cooperation Lasted Over A Year Now

Together with Fundacja Mam serceĀ – FutureNet Foundation has been helping children for over a year now! We are happy to have such a successful cooperation! <3 You can read more about the pupils whom we help together here šŸ‘‰ You

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Foundation One-Year-Old With Serious Heart Disease

We present you the first child that we are going to help in Asia! Myat Phone Thinkha is only one year old. He comes from Kawa City in Burma. He is suffering from two congenital heart conditions. Shortly after his

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FN Foundation Working With Child’s Dream Foundation Helping Those Born With Critical Congenital Birth Defects

FutureNet Foundation expands its activity to another continent! <3 We are starting to help in Asia. We (FN Foundation) will work with Child’s Dream Foundation! Foundation supports live-saving operations and medical interventions for infants and children, aged 0-12, from Laos

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FutureNet Foundation Making Serious Moves, Into Asia

FutureNet Foundation Making Serious Moves, Into Asia In case you didn’t know – FutureNet wants to spread goodness all over the world! If Ā this really IS news to you, get yourself registered and follow this cool fanpage to learn all

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Less Than 2 Years Old, Becoming Able To See The World Through Rehabilitation

Adaś is less than 2 years old and has already undergone 3 serious surgeries. He suffers from a very rare genetic disorder of the eyes. His parents dream is of him regaining his sight and becoming able to see the

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FutureNet Making History While Helping To Save The Planet

Congrats to FN for now passing over 4,000,000 users and for making it to the front page of one of Poland’s most successful magazine covers!šŸ’¹šŸ¤ We are making history! If you are not part of the next Facebook that pays

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Next Restaurant In City Center Of Warsaw, FTO Miners Friendly

Next FutureNet Restaurant is already open!Ā šŸ¾ The place is FuturoCoin miners friendly. We are growing strong! Six months ago we were celebrating the opening of the first FutureNet CafeĀ ā˜•Ā in Poland. Now we can show you the next restaurant in the

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Big Charity Auction For Saturday’s Aurelio Restaurant Opening Brings In Over 117 Thousand PLN

On Saturdayā€™s Grand Opening ofĀ Aurelio – Restauracja, Sztuka, Emocje, there was also the charity auction forĀ FutureNet FoundationĀ purposes. Thanks to your generosity weā€™ve collected over 117 000 PLN! Special thanks to all FutureNet leaders,Ā Roman ZiemianĀ andĀ Stephan MorgensternĀ for their big heartsĀ <3 www.futurenetfoundation.orgĀ #NetworkThatHelpsĀ #FutureNetFoundation FutureNet

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