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Two Important Webinars Coming Up Tuesday And Wednesday

Dear FutureNet Members, first of all, thank you for being with us on the Big Day of Webinars! During this online event, we have discussed many new projects and products, and now it’s time to take a short summary. We

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Choose Specific Groups Based On Age, Gender, Country

The FutureAdPro team is currently working on developing the precise ads targeting tool thanks to which you’ll be able to reach the perfect groups of users. The tool mentioned above will allow you to choose the specific groups of recipients

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FutureAdPro Members Who Had More Than 400 AdPacks Can Now Use Remainder

Dear FutureAdPro Users, we have great news for you! We have restored the missing number of AdPacks in case when users received less than max. 400 AdPacks. In the new FutureAdPro, the maximal number of AdPacks for single account is

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FutureAdPro Team Makes It So We Can Change Our Name Data In Site

It’s Friday – a great day for the good news! We have one: you can now change your full name or surname on the FutureAdPro! No form filling, no unnecessary steps – your application in this case will be automatically

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Two Fiat Payment Processors Available Now For Redeeming FAP Funds

We Now Have Two Payment Processors That Are Available To Us For Redeeming Of Our FAP Funds! We have just launched the possibility of redeeming of FAP (FutureAdPro) funds in 2 popular FIAT payment processor currencies! From now on, you

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AdPro Bug Fixed, Watched Ads Can Now Be Counted Correctly

Important update about the error with counting watched ads in FutureAdPro – Adpro We have an important update about the bug with the watched ads in FutureAdPro. Due to this error, users were not qualified, although they watched the appropriate

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You’re Invited To Know All Of The Updates Of FutureAdPro

To all FutureAdPro users, The FutureNet team have created a website where you will find information about all the news and progress in the work on FutureAdPro 👉 You will read on it about the actions that are: – done –

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FutureAdPro Advertising Accounts Updated, And Some Other Stuff!

Dear FutureAdPro Users, we have great news for you! 1. Your FND Vouchers from the advertising account from the previous version of the platform have been transferred to the new FAP! You can see that your “advertising accounts” has been

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Feb 26 FutureAdPro Technical Break For A Couple Of Hours

Feb 26 FutureAdPro Technical Break For A Couple Of Hours Dear FutureAdPro Users, please mark this date in your calendars. On Tuesday, February 26, the platform will be turned off for a while around 6 p.m. (CET). But don’t worry:

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Counting Down Til New FutureAdPro Platform, 2.0

Final countdown!!! Only 6 days left to the BIG LAUNCH of FutureAdPro 2.0! Are you ready for a brand NEW PLATFORM?

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