Month: March 2019

FutureNet Las Palmas Won Silver Trophy Last Year, New Season Starting Now

👉Latest update from our talented amateur football team FutureNet Las Palmas AFL! This weekend, guys will start the new league season. Last year, #FutureNet Las Palmas won silver trophy. Now it has a dream to reach the champion title!🔥 #PoweredByFutureNet

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F1 Weekend! Three Practice Sessions And Qualifications

It’s F1 weekend! Today, our boys: Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly attend to a first and second practice session. Tomorrow, we will have a third practice session and qualifications. The #BahrainGP will start on Sunday at 16.10. Once again, our

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FutureAdPro Members Who Had More Than 400 AdPacks Can Now Use Remainder

Dear FutureAdPro Users, we have great news for you! We have restored the missing number of AdPacks in case when users received less than max. 400 AdPacks. In the new FutureAdPro, the maximal number of AdPacks for single account is

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FutureAdPro Team Makes It So We Can Change Our Name Data In Site

It’s Friday – a great day for the good news! We have one: you can now change your full name or surname on the FutureAdPro! No form filling, no unnecessary steps – your application in this case will be automatically

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Austrian Toto Wolff Impressed With Maneuver Of Max Verstappen

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Cars Have Been Appreciated 🏎 Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ boss, appreciated the power of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing cars. 🔥 The Austrian was impressed by the maneuver of Max Verstappen, who eaten up Sebastian Vettel

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Congrats Sam! Long-Awaited Victory Can Finally Arrive?

After Max Verstappen’s 3rd place in the first GP, the team wants to fight for the win. Masashi Yamamoto, managing director of Honda, said that his company’s goal is to compete. Working with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing can finally

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Our Team Crashed KMN Oplast Kobarid In 2nd Leg Of Quarter-Final

Thumbs up (y) for Matej Fidersek, captain of FutureNet Futsal Maribor! In the game against KMN Oplast Kobarid, Matej scored twice and helped his team to win. Now #FutureNet Maribor will play in the semi-final!✌ #PoweredByFutureNet #FNSport Predictions have come

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Newest Partnered Foundation Donated Funds For Specialist Equipment

We reveal the secret! 🎉 FutureNet Foundation starts cooperation with the next University – Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny in Katowice. The Foundation donated funds for specialist equipment – portable ultrasound apparatus. It will be used by students during classes. You can

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No More Words Needed For The Man With The Ball

👉This man with the ball is Norbert Kulon, the captain of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław. In the game against WKK Wrocław, he gave all what the leader can give his team. 24 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds – no more words

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Maksymilian Bratkowicz Among Best Kick Boxing Fighters In Country

Our warrior Maksymilian Bratkowicz prepares for the 2019 kickboxing season during the training camp of Polish national kickboxing team. Maks is among the best kick boxing fighters in the country and we 💥💥💥 it! #PoweredByFutureNet#FutureNet #FNSport

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